The Horror Honeys: Let's be Friends

Let's be Friends

A Not Creepy at all Gamer Honey Invite from Kaley

There are always moments in life where you really shouldn't do as your told, or follow your peer group. Usually this pertains to cult families, murder/suicide pacts, your sister trying to turn you into a werewolf and etc. However, this is not one of those times. Just do what I tell you to do and we'll be the best of friends. Promise.

Now, this really only works if you own, or have access to, a PS4. Have one? Good, let's get to work.

Just hardwire the fucker in and go to the demo downloads and search for PT; that's it, just PT. Find it? Yes, now download it. It's ok, you can trust me, we're becoming fast friends now. Once it's finished all that's left is to just play the demo! Simple enough really! Oh, are you feeling a bit apprehensive? That's fine here's, 5 reasons why you should just do as I say.

1) You're a horror nerd! That's the easiest one. You love testing the boundaries of your psyche with the grotesque and strange. The unknown is intriguing to you, which is probably why you've already started the download before you even got to my reasoning. That heart pounding is what keeps you playing, and it's what will get you started now.

2) This demo is one of the more... interesting ones I've played. Horror gaming can always be a hit or miss. You're taken into another person's nightmares, both real and fictional. There is a group of people in the world that hand crafted this nightmare for you, from their own. Sleepless nights have gone in to creating these wondrous works of virtual hellish trials, the least you could do is sacrifice a few nights of your own.

3) This particular teaser was kept very hush hush. Revealed only a short time ago, “PT” was shrouded in mystery. Why was it kept so secretive? To pique your little horror heart's interest. Just as the lone woman in the dark room whispers “Is anyone there?” you too want to reach out in into the Abyss to know if anything will grasp your hand.

4) With over 1 million downloads, how could it be bad? Ok, so maybe there's been a few instances of ghosts being spread through movies and even video games; but those were just movies. This isn't a movie; is it?

5) Because I'm taking you assholes down with me.

If you're still feeling a bit apprehensive, or can't access a PS4, tough; I'm not spoiling anything today. Happy gaming!