The Horror Honeys: It's true! You CAN be gay and a badass at the same time!

It's true! You CAN be gay and a badass at the same time!

A Horror TV Honey Exposé by Lisa 

Ever since my Horror Honey sister, the gorgeous Revenge Honey, wrote a piece about the possible fluidity of Daryl Dixon's sexuality, the fan furor over this vague statement has been eating away at me. My honest and immediate reaction to this Daryl Dixon news was, "Well, that actually makes a lot of sense." I may be the only one who never shipped Daryl and Carol because I never viewed their relationship as anything other than a very strong friendship. Daryl and Carol are both victims of abuse and they were able to find someone to trust in one another. Imagine how very rare it must be for these characters to find one human being that they can put trust in. As far as Beth is concerned, I only ever perceived their relationship as that of a big brother/little sister type of bond.

Daryl's sexuality has never ever crossed my mind once. Yes, of course I have an obscene teenage level crush on him, but my desire to share an ice cream sundae with the man has absolutely no bearing on his personal sexuality. Quite frankly, I am officially shipping Daryl and Rick. Yeah, I said it. If everyone else can make up relationships that they would like to see, then so can I, and the two sexiest people on The Walking Dead are Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus. I am a human being and I like seeing two hot people together. Isn't that what television and movies are for? Fantasy? I will call them Darick and I am officially in love. On the other side of that, if you only see Rick and Daryl as having a very strong brotherly bond, I can absolutely see that as well. Rick is the one character that Daryl is consistently putting his life on the line for and no matter what the real or fictional base of that relationship is, it is one of the best parts of the show. 

My main problem with the response to Daryl's possible homosexuality was the overwhelming reasoning behind why this is such an impossibility; because he is very masculine and tough. Wow. Really? Are we all still living in that time period? The one where all gay men are excruciatingly flamboyant, are fabulous interior designers, know all of the words to every broadway show ever and don't know how to change the oil in their car? Beyond being astoundingly dismissive and insensitive to an entire community, this is just such an outdated and ignorant thing to say. In an effort to help illustrate my point, I share with you a list of characters that you may not have known are gay.

Shocker; there isn't a fishy queen in the bunch.

Northstar (AKA Jean-Paul Beaubier) from X-Men

First of all, he's an X-Man and I don't know many groups that are more battle ready than the X-Men. A French-Canadian, super powered mutant, Northstar is the first openly gay character to appear in Marvel comics and he married his longtime partner, Kyle Jindau in 2012. Congratulations you crazy kids!!

Agron from Spartacus

If you never enjoyed the spectacle that was Spartacus, you missed out on some  underrated action, gore and male nudity. Imagine if 300 and Game of Thrones had a baby; it would be Spartacus. Agron and his partner, Nasir, had a legitimately deep and solid relationship and this was never glossed over on the show. Neither character was based on a historical figure, but these two gladiators were one of the best same sex relationships on television in a very long time.

Bob Benson on Mad Men

Alright, this may not be a huge reveal, but no one at these whiskey soaked advertising offices seemed to see it despite how obvious it was. Unlike Salvatore Romano, Bob does not behave "typically gay" (whatever that means) so he was able to stay closeted. Obviously, the time setting of Mad Men makes his choice to pass as straight understandable, but some viewers were still surprised when his sexuality was revealed in this last season.

Officer John Cooper from Southland

One of the most severely under-seen and underrated television dramas of the last ten years, Southland is another cop show, but it is a surprisingly engaging and ground breaking cop show. Played by Michael Cudlitz (Abraham Ford from The Walking Dead), Cooper is a take no bullshit, tough talking, truly intimidating police officer on the streets of L.A. A man of few words, he shares a home with his lover and then goes to work in an overtly masculine field where gay slurs are freely thrown around. Cooper isn't closeted so much as he's just one of those gruff, imposing guys who never speak of their personal life with anyone. 

Gus Fring of Breaking Bad

Yes, you read that correctly. The baddest Big Bad of them all was a very private man, but we did get a few flashbacks when learning about how he became the man who carefully takes off his jacket before killing you with a box cutter. While building his meth empire, Gus' first business partner, Max Arciniega, was also his lover. When Max was murdered at the hands of the Mexican Cartel, that's when Fring decided to take revenge and become one of the scariest fast food franchise owners in history. While this detail has never been 100% confirmed, the show's creator, Vince Gilligan, has stated that viewers who assumed that Gus and Max were in a romantic relationship, "wouldn't be wrong."

Ultimately, my point is this; a character is either well written with vulnerability, relate-ability, charisma and depth or they're not. All of these traits have zero to do with a person's sexuality. So, to everyone who declared Daryl Dixon too tough, too masculine, too redneck and, my personal favorite, too cute to be gay... well, I don't have anything nice to say, so I won't say anything at all.