The Horror Honeys: Interview: Lloyd Kaufman's Indie Revolution

Interview: Lloyd Kaufman's Indie Revolution

Fiercely independent and so outspoken about it that it makes me want to squeeze him inappropriately, Lloyd Kaufman is the undisputed champion of indie filmmaking and a bit of a rabble rouser on top of it. Whether you have a soft spot in your diseased horror heart for his schlocktastic Troma films, or not, there's NO way that you can't admire this indie firecracker. I had the distinct pleasure of being able to have some time to chat with the King of Troma, Lloyd Kaufman, this morning about net neutrality and the power of being independent. FULL audio coming soon from our friends at Dead Men Talking! 

We wanted to own our own negatives and our own movies and didn't want to have to present projects to mediocre bureaucrats to judge them. We wanted to be able to achieve a body of work over time without taking the chances of having the gatekeepers judge what should be filmed and what shouldn't.

It sounds like your stance on independent filmmaking and your independent support is an act of rebellion, do you feel that way about your advocacy?

I guess there's a bit of sh*t distrubing, yes. There's certainly some joy in pissing people off. Unfortunately, sometimes I do it just for the purpose of pissing people off, which is stupid and it's not a wise strategy, but to the extent that we've been able to do what we do without any interference without having to get story notes from people we hate, we've been very fortunate. We've had 40 years of corrupt filmmaking; we talk to James Gunn and Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Eli Roth, Guillermo Del Toro and Quentin Tarantino - they all grew up with Troma movies and many of them worked for us. So we've managed to change the world a little bit.

Lloyd Kaufman on why Net Neutrality is important:
Net Neutrality/Open Internet is the last Democratic medium. It's the last level playing field. It's the last place where you have any chance of completing in a fair way, it gives Troma the same opportunity as Disney. David Cronenberg has just as much power to attract eyeballs on the internet if he presents something interesting as do you or Troma or someone from Viacom. Where does innovation start in the last ten years? Where would we be without Net Neutrality? You would not have Netflix, YouTube, or Kickstarter, not to mention all of these inventions and personalities - these talented people who have come up through the internet, all the news that has come up through the internet that the mainstream news would never have released to us. It's very important not just for the survival of a company like Troma, but for the development of the civilized world, and for the ability to receive and give news and truth that can get around the mainstream sources.

Indie Films that Lloyd Kaufman thinks you should watch, aside from his own amazing films Toxic Avenger, Tromeo and Juliet, Return to Nuke 'em High, and Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead:

A Norwegian film, Headhunter in the Norwegian language, definitely. It will knock you out. Totally surprising, original, well acted, beautifully shot. Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead, is great. It's better than part 1 and it's beautifully shot and rather romantic, and terrific.

You can find Troma's amazing cult classic film catalogue at - if you haven't checked out what Troma has to offer, find yourself a strong stomach, and get ready to love every campy minute.