The Horror Honeys: Horror Comic Spotlight - Dark of the Forest

Horror Comic Spotlight - Dark of the Forest

A Comics Honey Review by Shannon

Dark of the Forest
Published by Freaktown Comics
Written by Russell Hillman
Art and Letters by Sergio Calvet

Head Honey sent an email a week ago regarding a comic and was asking me to take a look into it for a review. The comic is “Dark of the Forest” a Bigfoot-Slasher comic from the independent comic publisher Freaktown Comics.

Dark of the Forest is a horror comic about seven campers who take a vacation in the woods of Spain to go birdwatching and end up finding a rare species of creature that no man should encounter.
The first time I read the comic, it was displayed through my Samsung Galaxy 3 phone and was pleased to see that it was pretty easy to read even on a small screen. I also read it through the tablet and my computer screen. The layout, lettering and quality of images are clear and I didn't have to zoom in to read the dialogue. People may not consider this much but a good layout of a comic makes reading a smooth experience with no interruptions to re-adjust the screen.

The artwork in Dark of the Forest is a simple stylized artwork with flat colours and rendering which I enjoy, however my only nitpick is that the female bodies are drawn rather awkwardly with too many curved lines that make them look like melting rubber. This didn't detract too much from reading the comic however there were some poses and expressions that made me go “What the fuck?”

The story of Dark of the Forest is a typical slasher fare, six friends are travelling through the Spanish countryside (although it could have been Canada for all I know and would not tell the difference if the comic didn't actually mention the setting) while lost they talk to one of the locals who warns them away from the forest, for “The dark of the forest hide things man was not supposed to see”.

....Any more of a cliche and I was expecting that he would call Mission control to say that the “The lambs have passed through the gate. They are come to the killing floor.”

Anyway, the seven friends: Marcos, Laura, Lazaro, Berthan, Aurora, Esperanza and Cristina, ignore the man's warnings and went ahead to the forest to set up camp. That night, the characters talk around the campfire and Lazaro feared the local's warning was the Basajaun – A bigfoot-like creature of Basque folklore who was said to lurk in the forest.

Without spoiling much more of the story, it plays out like your typical slasher film, clothes fly off, wanton cartoon sex and violence, each camper is killed off one by one until your final girl character is left. For those who like this sort of thing, you will not be disappointed because its such a paint-by-number plot that even with the addition of an obscure mythology, it really doesn't add anything new.

Otherwise, Dark of the Forest is a decently illustrated comic with a simple plot that is good for an afternoon read, however I don't see much of an appeal to re-read the book more than once. There wasn't enough meat to chew on.

Comic Honey Rating 3/5 – Decent art and writing but they really need to push themselves out of the slasher ghetto to get more readers and stand out in the glut of independent comic publishing.