The Horror Honeys: #HoneyBuzz: 'The Woman in Black' Sequel Gets 7-Figure Deal!

#HoneyBuzz: 'The Woman in Black' Sequel Gets 7-Figure Deal!

There will be an insane amount of deals coming out of the Toronto Film Festival, but according to Deadline, this first is kind of a doozy. The Woman in Black sequel, tentatively titled The Woman in Black 2, maybe subtitled The Angel of Death, sold to Relativity for a fat seven-figure deal. That means Relativity will have the exclusive US rights to distribute the sequel to an original film which grossed $128 million worldwide.

Based on the grosses, they saw the movie, apparently.

The Woman in Black 2, which stars Jeremy Irvine and Helen McCroy and is set 40 years after the original film, is actually already completed.  A few stills were released late last year, including the following:

Things look... black? I don't know. This doesn't tell us much.

Did you like the first Woman in Black film? Are you looking forward to the sequel? Let us know!