The Horror Honeys: Honey Video Buzz ~ Zack Snyder LOVES the Slow-Mo!

Honey Video Buzz ~ Zack Snyder LOVES the Slow-Mo!

I always said that writer/director Zack Snyder couldn't be trusted unless he had source material. Then he had to go and blow that theory out of the water when he turned in a decidedly "meh" version of Superman with Man of Steel. But, one thing is obvious across Snyder's hit-and-miss oeuvre: he has a very specific style that you can pretty much count on in every single one of his films.

And now, Jaume R. Lloret has put together a supercut of Snyder's FAVORITE gimmick: slow motion! Really slow, really dramatic motion...

Whether it's Spartans dying for gods and country, lobotomized living dolls with ninja swords, or glowing super scientists with giant blue wangs, Zack Snyder loooooooves the slow mo. The only thing he utilizes more in his film are earth tones and comic book panels. And while I wouldn't even try to pretend that I don't find the gimmick tiring, there is something entertaining and early MTV-esque about this supercut. It's lovely and frightening, with just the right amount of creepy. And in small doses, Suckerpunch almost looks like a passable film.

So enjoy this Zack Snyder supercut! What do YOU think of slow-motion as gimmick?