The Horror Honeys: Honey TV Buzz ~ The Devil is Coming to... Fox?

Honey TV Buzz ~ The Devil is Coming to... Fox?

I can't say that I am often excited for comic-to-television adaptations, but they really have been on a devil of a run lately! First, NBC is premiering their version of DC-anti-hero Constantine this fall, and now, we have this surprising announcement from Fox.

Word from The Wrap is that Fox has managed to snag a one-hour drama based on DC/Vertigo title Lucifer, which is itself a spinoff of Neil Gaiman's beloved Sandman series. The character of Lucifer Morningstar has always been one of my favorite non-Marvel creations, in that there is little more appealing than a dapper devil. And Mr. Morningstar is most certainly that. In his spinoff series written by Mike Carey, Lucifer tires of life in the underworld, abandons his throne, and makes for Los Angeles, where he takes on ownership of a piano bar known as Lux. His lady-love is Mazikeen, who is herself a Lilim (descended from Lilith... and thus, badass). If the show follows Carey's storyline, Lucifer would be full of intriguing plot lines, controversial theological debates, and awesomely layered characters.

And of course, what is adaptation news like this without a little fan-casting? Personally, I could easily see an actor like Paul Bettany taking on the role of Lucifer. He's already starred in several films with a theological spin (Priest, Legion) and we know he looks good in a set of wings.

Hummina hummina hummina... sploosh.

Additionally, this could be the perfect time for Jude Law to make the move to television. I've never been his biggest fan, but he's grown on me in recent years and there IS something charming about him. Plus, Fox needs to resist the urge to cast some young hottie in the role and go with someone more mature, with a "been there, seen that" look about him. Law has definitely acquired that as he's gotten older.

A tux and a martini in hand... I see it.

So what do you think? Are you excited for Lucifer? Who would you fan-cast? Let us know!

From Sandman #4