The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Think You've Seen It All? You Haven't Seen 'Wetlands.'

Honey Buzz ~ Think You've Seen It All? You Haven't Seen 'Wetlands.'

A Trailer Review/Indie Film Spotlight

Fair warning: this Honey Buzz is going to include a bit of soapbox-ing. So prepare yourself.

Everyone needs a hobby...
One of the biggest splashes (pun 100% intended) at this year's Sundance Film Festival was David Wnendt's adaptation of German novelist Charlotte Roche's Wetlands. The phrase "un-film-able novel" gets tossed around a lot, but Wetlands certainly wasn't the obvious choice for an adaptation. First published in German in 2008, Roche's semi-autobiographical debut work tells the story of Helen, a sexually-experimental young girl with an obsession with bodily fluids and a disdain for personal hygiene. Hailed by some as a brilliant achievement in erotic literature and decried by detractors as pornography, the film seems to be facing similar challenges.

Some BFFs share sweaters, others share tampons. To each their own!
Part body horror, part raunchy sexy comedy, part touching coming of age story, you can tell within seconds of the trailer for Wetlands whether or not this film is going to be something you can endure. Personally, body horror is the genre that most unnerves me and I adore a good coming-of-age story, so there is a decent chance I will seek out Wetlands at some point. The issue I am noticing with some critiques of the film thus far is that those watching it are most horrified by Helen's behavior because she is a woman.

The fact is, women have been enduring the "raunchy male sex comedy" for decades now, with only a few female entries to the genre and most of those have been unfunny failures. Now, we finally get a film with the potential to not just touch our funny bones, but our hearts, and people are squirming because a lady is talking about anal and sperm? Unacceptable.

OK, this bathroom is also unacceptable. But so is that attitude.

If you don't want to see Wetlands because it's outside your comfort zone in general, that's fine. No Honey here is going to force you to see something that you can't handle. We all have limits. But if your issue with this film is that you don't want to see a woman behaving in a way that makes you uncomfortable? Nope face. It's time to expand your boundaries. Watch the trailer for Wetlands below and then seek out the film when it shows up at your local indie. Tell them the Revenge Honey sent you.