The Horror Honeys: Honey Trailer Buzz ~ 'Big Eyes' Looks So... Normal.

Honey Trailer Buzz ~ 'Big Eyes' Looks So... Normal.

Well, color the Horror Honeys confused. The trailer for Tim Burton's newest, Johnny Depp-free film Big Eyes premiered this week and it is frustratingly... regular. The film tells the true story of Margaret and Walter Keane as their marriage falls apart and they fight in court over which was truly responsible for the hugely popular "big eyed children" paintings of the 60s. The idea of a couple of oddballs, played by Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz, painting outsider art that by all accounts SHOULDN'T be popular, but is, is definitely Burton. But something feels... off. Join us, as we debate our feelings about Big Eyes and then watch the trailer for yourself!

Things I would NOT want in my house.
The first thing that is obvious about Big Eyes are two very specific industry words: Oscar bait. While Burton almost always operated outside of the Hollywood norm (we just pretend Planet of the Apes didn't happen), this film seems like it was crafted to appeal specifically to Academy votes. We have Oscar darlings Adams and Waltz. We have a biopic about quirky people. We have an emotional drama about a strong woman. We have a period piece about art. Slap Tom Hanks and few references to a major war in there, and it's basically guaranteed to garner buzz.

The problem, however, is that based on the Big Eyes trailer, there seem to be just enough touches of the Burtonator (Horror Honeys trademark, patent pending) to appeal to his hardcore fans. Fantasies of humans with the big eyed children's eyes. Overly-happy people in an idealized suburbia... We can almost see the Burton we used to love in this movie. But is there any chance he can please Oscar votes and his fans with the same film? 

We're thinking no. But we won't know for sure until the film get's its official release on Christmas Day. Until then, we are left with a trailer and more questions than answers...

Watch the trailer for Big Eyes below and let us know what you think about Burton's latest film...