The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz: Will Horror-Sci/Fi-Romance 'Spring' Wow TIFF Audiences?

Honey Buzz: Will Horror-Sci/Fi-Romance 'Spring' Wow TIFF Audiences?

Or uh... is it just a rip-off of Dagon, which is kind of the vibe I'm getting from the vaguely-fishy, very Mediterranean trailer? We shall know for sure by this time tomorrow, when Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead's Spring screens for audiences at the Toronto International Film Festival! Starring Lou Taylor Pucci (Evil Dead) and German actress Nadia Hilker, Spring follows a troubled backpackers as he engages in a romance with a local girl, only to find their love threatened by her, "dark primordial secret."

Also, her red lipstick. You have to watch out for the red lipstick.

I've watched the trailer for Spring several times, which I suggest you do as well, and within seconds of his encounter with the mysterious lady, I found myself thinking, "Yup. Uxía. This is Dagon. Do I see tentacles? I TOTALLY see tentacles. Where are the fish citizens?"

There they are!

I could be reading into this, and we could be looking at a totally different story... But what do you think? Is it possible that Spring is a re-telling of Lovecraft's story and/or Stuart Gordon's film? Or do you think this is a totally new film?

And what the flying frick is that?

What do you think of Spring? Will you be checking it out when it gets an official, post-TIFF release? And can it really be any good without her?

No. The answer is always no.