The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ What Happened to Ridley Scott?

Honey Buzz ~ What Happened to Ridley Scott?

WTF, Ridley.
As one of the go-to names within the sci-fi horror community, Ridley Scott has been responsible or co-responsible for some of the foundations of the genre - Alien and Blade Runner - and also some staples of modern cinema - cult classic Legend is definitely a favorite worth mentioning because we all fucking love it. Stop lying to yourself. Scott is known for sweeping epics, beautiful scenery and an ability to pull you into the action that is totally unique, even if the storyline is a little lacking - for example, Prometheus was beautiful, but I know why everyone complained about it...

Which of course, leads me to the question in the tagline. What happened to THAT Ridley Scott? Deadline is reporting that Scott and his production partner have acquired the rights to another faith based project - a 1992 bestselling novel entitled "Embraced By The Light," the story of a near death experience where presumably the writer saw angels and shit.

Back to my question - Aside from some HEAVY Christian overtones in Prometheus, Ridley Scott has been at the helm of a fair number of 'faith based' films as of late. From white-washing Exodus to a few other projects under his production eye - David, about the whole David vs Goliath battle, and Killing Jesus (which I'm hoping is a working title) a TV miniseries about the life of Jesus of Nazareth - it's made us wonder if Sir Ridley has been recruited. BTW - Killing Jesus was written by Bill O'Reilly. I'll just let that sink in.

Now, I understand the desire to tap into the millions of dollars available below the Mason-Dixon line, and the possibility of your movie becoming a teaching tool for religious freaks everywhere or being played ad nauseum on every major religious holiday for years to come - but really, Ridley? You're a Knight of the British Empire for fuck's sake and Prometheus 2 and that Untitled Blade Runner Project better be fucking awesome.