The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ We Could Have Had a Very Different John Doe...

Honey Buzz ~ We Could Have Had a Very Different John Doe...

Thanks to a stunning performance from Kevin Spacey, Se7en's John Doe has become one of the most iconic killers in horror/thriller history. It's hard to imagine anyone else embodying that role so completely and so perfectly. But it turns out, director David Fincher originally wanted someone very different for the part. Someone a little less... obvious?

During a recent retrospective on his career, Fincher revealed that his his first choice for the role was... Ned Beatty.


Yup, that doughy, grinning man above was asked to play one of the most terrifying on-screen killers in film history. Lucky for us, and Fincher as it turned out, Beatty turned him down flat.

“We read a lot of people [for John Doe]. I wanted and [screenwriter] Andy [Kevin Walker] originally wanted Ned Beatty. It was oddly based on the wanted or the police drawing of Zodiac. This guy with a crew cut and horn rimmed glasses. That was the vision," Fincher revealed. "He should look like a poster. So we sent it to Ned Beatty and he called me and said: ‘I can’t do this. This is the most evil thing I’ve ever read.' "

In fact, we almost didn't get to see Spacey in the part either. Despite his still "up and coming" status, Spacey's quote for even the small role of John Doe was higher than the producers of Se7en were willing to pay. But, Brad Pitt to the rescue!

“I said: ‘We’re running around the block on his quotes’ and he said ‘fuck that’, got on the phone and said: ‘You gotta get Kevin Spacey,’ and they said: ‘Of course!’ " Fincher said. “It pays to be blonde." And now, it's hard to picture anybody else in that role.

I think we all owe Brad a debt of gratitude for making that deal happen.

So can YOU imagine anyone else as John Doe? Or Ned Beatty in that role? Let us know!

(Source: Screen Daily)