The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ TIFF Trailer for TUSK

Honey Buzz ~ TIFF Trailer for TUSK

TUSK (2014)

While Kevin Smith might think that everyone wants to be a walrus, I personally don't share his enthusiasm. The highly anticipated debut of Smith's body horror film TUSK has Toronto International Film Festival attendees grinning like blubbery aquatic behemoths, and for good reason from the looks of this trailer. 

As per indie film code, the trailer gives away a LOT of the action of the film, the beginning, middle and stops just short of the creature reveal so you have to see the film all over again for the payoff, but at a longer run time...

Will *I* be seeing TUSK? Probably. But I'll also probably watch Human Centipede before I go. 

Side note: I'm aware that Smith is in the process of creating a trilogy of Canucksploitation films in the near future. I don't find his Canadian references amusing, but then again, I don't say 'aboot' or 'eh' so Smith probably wouldn't count me as a Canadian anyway.

TUSK has its US premiere on September 19th