The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ This Week in 'James Cameron Sucks' News...

Honey Buzz ~ This Week in 'James Cameron Sucks' News...

It's hard to find a picture where he doesn't look like a mustache-twirling Bond villain...

Here at Honey HQ, it's not an exaggeration to say we are not huge fans of James Cameron. Sure, he is responsible for some awesome work at the beginning of his career (Terminator 2, Aliens), but several of us are of the opinion that the bulk of his recent work are overrated rip-offs (Avatar = Ferngully. It's a fact). And don't even get me started on Titantic. But this latest piece of Cameron news via Deadline is just the most recent in a long line of moves that involve him crushing the little guy like it gives him some sort of pleasure. Which, let's be honest... It probably does.

Not a well made graphic, but no arguing with the logic.

Yesterday, a New York judge tossed out the latest in a series of SIX copyright infringement suits filed against Cameron since 2012 related to his blockbuster Ferngully remake, Avatar. This most recent suit was filed by album cover art designer Roger Dean, who claimed that Cameron had taken ideas from his artwork for the background designs of Avatar. The NY judge found that no substantial similarity existed.

Noooooo. No substantial similarity there. Grumble.

Several of the other suits brought against Cameron since Avatar's release have revolved around scripts brought to the director that bore extreme similarities to the finished product of Cameron's film. One goes as far back as 1991 when plaintiff Gerald Morawski brought Cameron a script for an environmental-themed sci-fi film called Guardians of Eden. In every case, Cameron has trumped the evidence, perhaps because none of these other cases can be brought up to establish a pattern. Ahhh, the legal system.

So, with THREE more Avatar movies planned in the next four years, we can look forward to global audiences throwing billions upon billions of dollars at James Cameron, while he dives into his piles of money in his swimming trunks like an evil Scrooge McDuck.

And probably wiping his ass with five dollar bills.