The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Susan and Robert Downey Getting Back to Horror!

Honey Buzz ~ Susan and Robert Downey Getting Back to Horror!

They are literally the cutest.
It makes me want to punch things.

Outside of her marriage to Robert Downey Jr., Susan Downey was always an idol of mine. Prior to establishing Team Downey Productions with Robert, Susan was the co-President of Dark Castle Entertainment, a company responsible for Orphan, Thir13n Ghosts, Splice, and RocknRolla. Recently, Susan spoke with Collider about some of the projects in the works for Team Downey, and for a certified RDJ/Susan fangirl like myself, this is all very exciting news...


Along with The Judge, which will be released in theaters on October 10, Susan and Robert are currently developing Cloaked, a horror/comedy based on an idea that Robert came up with!

“If you can believe it there’s even like a horror movie that Robert had an original idea for that we have a writer working on right now.  Kind of an American Werewolf vibe to it… He’s always wanted to do [a horror movie].  Not a slasher movie, the kind that is a little bit classier.  But this one certainly is going to have a sense of humor to it.  Because again, anything we do, no matter what genre, if it’s drama it has to have wit and humor, if it’s more comedic it has to have a heavier layer of reality underneath it.  We don’t go too broad either side of the spectrum.  Those are fun to see, but we kind of try to drive from character.”

Additionally, Team Downey is working on a project that sounds absolutely creepy and wonderful...

“We’re developing Pinocchio for him to be Geppetto, it’s this kind of absolutely beautiful but insane version of Pinocchio that Robert’s working on.”

Seeing as this is a film that Tim Burton was attached to at one point, there is no question: this won't be Disney's Pinocchio

How excited are you for all of the RDJ projects currently in the works? 

One more for the road...