The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Sci-Fi Thriller "Minority Report" has a pilot..

Honey Buzz ~ Sci-Fi Thriller "Minority Report" has a pilot..

Fox has made a hefty pilot commitment to “Minority Report,” an adaptation the 2002 Xenu vehicle that I actually super enjoyed, and I didn't realize that it was an adaptation of a Philip K Dick short story, which probably explains a lot of my interest in it. 

Max Borenstein, who wrote 2014's Godzilla, is writing the teleplay which doesn't give me a ton of hope for how this is going to play out...but then again, I'm inthe small minority (heh) who was bored out of my mind by Godzilla.  

The story: Set as a sequel to the movie, 10 years after the end of “precrime” in Washington, D.C. One of the three “precogs” is struggling to lead a normal life, but is haunted by visions of the future. He meets a detective haunted by her past, who may help him find a purpose to his gift.

Lots of haunting in that description... 

NOW - for those of you who saw Minority Report, you'll remember that the male pre-cogs Arthur and Dashiell followed the lead of the dominant precog, Agatha, and were basically useless without her. Maybe just a minor thing, but it's actually enough to make me sneer a superior sneer at this pilot thingy. 

Those boys don't look haunted, they're catching up on their Hemmingway.

(Source: Variety)