The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Sci-Fi Horror 'Beyond Skyline' is a thing

Honey Buzz ~ Sci-Fi Horror 'Beyond Skyline' is a thing

At the beginning of the Cannes buzz season, I was busy crapping my pants about a sequel to a movie that pretty much EVERYONE I've talked to hated...except me. That movie was a Sci-Fi Horror film called Skyline.

Why did people hate it? From complaints that ranged from horrible acting to a 'lazy' one-room-style shoot, what people failed to notice (and also a factoid that blew me away) was that this was an indie release. An indie release with some STUNNING graphics work, a gorgeous color palette, brutal kills, beautiful makeup fx, and a nice OMGWTF twist at the end.

Back to the Cannes buzz - Skyline's production team was there to shop a sequel, they came armed with an official poster, and more than likely some secret VFX mockups and storyboards as proof of concept.

According to Beyond Skyline's Facebook page, they are now OFFICIALLY in production, and flights have been booked for their location scout!

What we can expect from this obviously remains to be seen, aside from some rebellion, more human subjugation (my favorite kind), and likely some EPIC explosions. I'll be keeping my eyes glued to the horizon for more news about this Sci-Fi invasion sequel.