The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz: Paging Ben Willis! All Aboard the Remake Train!

Honey Buzz: Paging Ben Willis! All Aboard the Remake Train!

Well... we know it's NOT for the dust to settle on this franchise.

The Honeys are bringing you this news a day later than everyone else because frankly... we kind of don't care. And our guess is that the majority of you don't care either. But just the same, the news must be reported and here it is, kiddies. The I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise is getting a series reboot because thinking up new ideas is way too hard.

More on the director of this silliness after the jump!

For the record, this should have been:
"I Still Know What You Did TWO SUMMERS
AGO." Dummies.
According to The Wrap, Oculus director Mike Flanagan has signed on to write and direct the reboot of the teen revenge slasher. Seeing as the majority of the Honeys didn't like Oculus, and I Know What You Did isn't the highlight of the 90s slasher revival, there really doesn't seem to be any intelligent reasoning behind Sony's decision to bring it back besides, of course, money. The original film did make a decent amount of cash, though the sequel was a massive bomb.

So what do you think? Is there any chance this I Know What You Did Last Summer reboot will be entertaining? Or will it just be another ridiculous attempt to capitalize on nostalgia, like the Friday the 13th remake? Let us know!