The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz out of TIFF: Could 'Nightcrawler' Be an Oscar Contender?

Honey Buzz out of TIFF: Could 'Nightcrawler' Be an Oscar Contender?

The HIGHLY anticipated genre-crossover film Nightcrawler made its debut at TIFF and the buzz on the wire is that reactions have been somewhat similar to this:

Yes, word is that Nightcrawler is a spectacular neo-noir 70s throwback film along the lines of pseudo-horror like Taxi Driver, but with the social conscious of Network. Add to that a couple of career-defining performances from Jake Gylenhaal and the criminally under-used as of late Rene Russo, and we find ourselves with a horror film that just might sneak in to the Academy race this year!

I'm excited too Jake, but could you be less... you... for a second?

Nightcrawler tells the Oscar-ready story of a loner who finds fame and more likely, infamy, through his association with the news as a crime scene videographer. Directed by The Bourne Legacy scribe Dan Gilroy, The Hollywood Reporter seems to be banking on Russo for a Best Supporting Actress nomination. Personally, I'm down with that and I haven't even seen the movie. We need more classically beautifull redheads showing Hollywood what's up.

Give her an Oscar for putting up with Mel Gibson twice. Seriously.

Will you be seeing Nightcrawler when it gets a wide release? What are the odds of this genre-bender making it to the red carpet? Let us know what you think! ~RH