The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Nic Cage Movie Pulled from Chinese Release

Honey Buzz ~ Nic Cage Movie Pulled from Chinese Release

According to The Hollywood Reporter, producers are "baffled" as to why Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christiansen vehicle Outcast was pulled from release in China mere hours before it was to screen for audiences.

Leave me to ponder this for a while...
While China is notoriously choosy (i.e. censor-y) about the films they will allow to screen from Western filmmakers, Outcast producer Mike Gabrawy claims to, "have no idea why it was pulled." Why don't we just go to the tape, Mike?

Nic... Nic... we're going to the tape. Stop that.

So, broken down to its most basic parts, Outcast is about one young squinting Caucasian guy with hipster hair and a douche beard and one winking Caucasian guy with receding hair and a horrible English accent who actually goes by the name The White Ghost. And without these two random white guys, two badass Chinese warriors couldn't secure their birthright or even manage on their own. And, you know, lots and lots of Christian god. Seriously. All the god. 

And you don't know why China isn't interested in screening this film, Mike?

Uh, sure. Totes absurd.

The production team claims they are looking into it, and are hoping to get the decision overturned, but I wouldn't count on it fellas.

Calm down, Nic. You have 10 other movies coming out before the end of the year.