The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ New clip for TUSK - Cana-don't.

Honey Buzz ~ New clip for TUSK - Cana-don't.

"In America, you're Red White and Blue; but in Canada, we're Red and White, but never Blue."

Now that TUSK has made its Canadian festival debut, and we all know that Justin Long doesn't want to die in Canada, another new clip has been released - with a revealing look at Cana-do's and Cana-don'ts.

Full disclosure, I was born in Canada, and I don't follow the sainted sport of Hockey. I live in a fairweather hockey city whose sports hormones ebb and flow like a Grade 7 classroom, so it's hard to take that shit seriously.

What's in the clip? See for yourself, and yes, I did laugh. Especially at the end. I've done that to people.