The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ New clip for Elijah Wood's OPEN WINDOWS

Honey Buzz ~ New clip for Elijah Wood's OPEN WINDOWS

We exist in a world where our lives are lived online, those who don't are met with confusion, and a little bit of derision...but they might be on to something. The growing and disturbing trend of celebrity private photos being leaked online to the public, the state of the private information of the average person is also in jeopardy. If all of this isn't a wake up call, Open Windows might make you think twice about what's really going on with your phone...

What's in the clip: Jilted web-contest winner, Nick, is shown by a mysterious "friend" known only as Chord just how far he can go to claim the prize he was denied by "it girl" Jill an ultra popular actress.

Open Windows is a film about entitlement and stalking...and it's creepy as hell.

You can check out Open Windows on November 7th, but if you're in the UK, you can check it out on October 17th!