The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ NEW clip for Dracula Untold

Honey Buzz ~ NEW clip for Dracula Untold

When the original trailer for Dracula Untold came out earlier this summer, I just about lost my mind.

The first trailer teased the undying romance of Bram Stoker's Dracula, the action and armor clashing badassery of every historical military epic I've ever loved, beautiful costuming, PLUS the homage to actual history and a little twist on the Dracula origin story that's a little less...churchy...than Coppola's version. This Dracula is a tortured anti-hero, wanting to do right by his people, and his family, but choosing the not-so-awesome approach and suffering with guilt and passion for eternity.

Color me excited.

Ahead of its October 10th release date, a new clip has hit the web! 

What's in the clip: A tense exchange between Luke Evans' Dracula and Charles Dance's ancient vampire. "Men don't fear swords, they fear monsters..." Bring it on, baby.