The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz: The Judas Killer is Back in 'The Pact 2!'

Honey Buzz: The Judas Killer is Back in 'The Pact 2!'

One of my absolute favorite horror films in recent history is Nicholas McCarthy's supernatural-ish/revenge movie The Pact. I went into it with zero expectations and was 100% blown away by the performances, the eerily perfect setting, and the brilliant script that caught me off guard with a truly original twist. It was the rare occasion where I thought, "Hot damn! I want a sequel to this!" And now, we get one, with The Pact 2.

I'd have to say my biggest concern at this point is that The Pact 2 is helmed by two directors, and neither of them is McCarthy. Yet, that probably won't stop me from seeing this film, for which we now have a new trailer, poster, and making-of featurette! The Pact 2 features original star Caity Lotz (Arrow), as well as actor Patrick Fischler.

In this sequel, Annie is forced to return to the home that plagued her with its awful history and once again go head to head with the Judas killer, who the police believe is back to his old tricks.

While The Pact 2 is coming to theaters on October 10, you can catch it now on various onDemand platforms prior to its wide release! In the meantime, watch the videos below to get yourself excited.

And keep an eye out on for my double feature review of The Pact and The Pact 2 soon! ~RH