The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ It's Time for Dredd: The Musical! Sort Of..

Honey Buzz ~ It's Time for Dredd: The Musical! Sort Of..

There are followups to Iron Man and Thor
So why not me?
It's time to make Dredd II!
I'll never let it go!
You'd already have seen it...
But our grosses were too low!

If there is one thing fandoms love, it's a cause! And outside of choosing a camp on the "Who shot first: Han or Greedo?" debacle, right now, the biggest cause out there is getting a frigging sequel made to 2012's Dredd. But, much like an Action Comics #1, everyone wants it, but no one is willing to pony up the dough. However, a few Dredd fans have decided that in addition to an online petition, the answer to getting Lionsgate's attention is turning the Karl Urban-starring film into a musical.

You heard me right. A musical.

I totally want more of this. I love pretty blood.

Okay, I'll admit it. I think it's hilarious. Jon and Al Kaplan, who also did Die Hard: The Musical and Jaws: Re-scored by Hans Zimmer put this video together in the spirit of encouraging people to support the online petition. The only thing I don't support about the video is their alternative casting choice should Urban be tied up with Star Trek 3.

That's not even funny.

But, if you can't wait for Dredd II to happen, a two-issue comic book follow up to the film titled Dredd: Uprising, from Arthur Wyatt and Paul Davidson, will hit your local comic shop on October 29.