The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz: From the Genius Behind 'Room 237...' HA! Just Kidding.

Honey Buzz: From the Genius Behind 'Room 237...' HA! Just Kidding.

I feel like the jokes just write themselves with everything in the above teaser promo...

If you are anything like the Horror Honeys, you watched Room 237, Rodney Ascher's "documentary" about Stanley Kubrick's The Shining and had the following reaction...

Full of nonsense fringe theories, crackpot ramblings, and straight up crazy-face bullshit, Room 237 is what happens when a person with one interesting idea and no direction whatsoever tries to make a movie. 

If by Nirvana, you mean coma-inducing, then yeah, sure.

And now, lucky us, Ascher is directing another, um, I guess, documentary? Sigh.

This definitely looks like something you should see in a documentary. 
From Ascher's press release regarding his new film, The Nightmare, apparently the doc, "follows the disturbing investigation into the demonic visions experienced by victims of sleep paralysis and provoked by Ascher's own unsettling experiences with the condition." Again, I feel like I'm being teed up for some really easy jokes here, but frankly shooting fish in a barrel isn't my thing, so we can just move on.

The teaser for The Nightmare is premiering at TIFF, so time will tell if this is a legitimate foray into genuine documentary filmmaking, or another meeting of the crazies around the fire pit at the survivalist compound. ~RH