The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Everyone Loves Hannibal Lecter!

Honey Buzz ~ Everyone Loves Hannibal Lecter!

I think we can definitely put this bit of news in the "Something ANY Fannibal could have told you" file. Recently, Hollywood news website The Wrap compiled a list of the most and least popular actors that will be appearing on your television come pilot season, and let's just say Hannibal actor Mads Mikkelson placed quite highly. But just HOW highly may surprise even Fannibals!

Every Fannibal on the planet just had to change their shorts.
The Wrap looked at the Q Score of every headlining actor appearing on a drama or sitcom this coming year (2014-15) and ranked them first to last. The Q Score is a system of determining pop culture popularity that has been around since 1963, and is used across the entire entertainment spectrum. A large variety of everyday normies are given a name, in this case an actor, and have to choose from the following options:

A. One of my favorites.   
B. Very Good   
C. Good   
D. Fair   
E. Poor   
F. Never heard of.

Then math and numbers and percentages. The final number results in the actor's Q Score. This year, out of all the actors on television, Mads Mikkelson scored a 31 and placed THIRD. Third. A man that very few people had heard of before Hannibal, and that now plays a psychotic human-eating serial killer on a seriously underrated television show, is the THIRD most popular actor currently on TV. The only people who placed higher were Michael Weatherly, because old people LOVE the NCIS and Jim Parsons because, let's face it, he's Jim Parsons.

Now, I know the question on everyone's mind at this point. Who placed last? Ready the sad trombones, kiddies. In dead last place, with an abysmal Q Score of 7, is American Horror Story and new show Stalkers' Dylan McDermott.

This means that when asked about McDermott, the majority of people questioned either rated him poorly or didn't know who he was at all.

I think it's time for a "Sad Dylan" meme.

Other horror/sci-fi favorites Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Nathan Fillion all placed in the perfectly comfy high-20s, while Mikkelsen's Hannibal co-star Hugh Dancy scored a borderline "whomp whomp" 16.

So, who are YOUR favorite fellas of the new TV season?