The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz: 'Eraserhead' Blu with Terrifying Lynch Short Films!

Honey Buzz: 'Eraserhead' Blu with Terrifying Lynch Short Films!

My two favorite horror directors that don't actually direct horror films are Terry Gilliam and David Lynch: these men know how to exploit the terrors of everyday life with an eye that never ceases to boggle the mind. Lynch specifically has a way of taking the most simple images and manipulating them so much that they become unrecognizable. Sadly, the films of David Lynch have been slow to make the transition to blu-ray, but thank to Criterion, we finally get to see his earliest masterpiece fully restored and in a gorgeous new transfer!

But, that's not all you'll be getting on Tuesday when you bring Eraserhead home...

Along with the new transfer of Eraserhead, which was completed under Lynch's detail-oriented eye, we are also getting a look at some of his exceptional short films. The shorts, including Six Men Getting Sick, Premonitions Following an Evil Deed, The Alphabet, and more, have also undergone the careful Criterion transfer process for the special blu-ray release of Eraserhead. And thanks to Indiewire, we've gotten a sneak-peek at some stills from these epically unsettling mini-movies from the master of everyday horror himself!

However, if you are a penny-conscious horror fan, you can see all of these amazing shorts on Hulu... Personally, I can't wait to see what Eraserhead looks like in blu-ray format.

Check out the stills from the shorts below (as well as the ones above) and let us know what you think!