The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ 'Cub' Makes the Woods Look Even Worse...

Honey Buzz ~ 'Cub' Makes the Woods Look Even Worse...

When you think of countries that produce outstanding horror films, Belgium isn't usually the first one to spring to mind. But Cub, known as Welp in its native country, actually looks to have some promise. Because based on the trailer, Cub could do for the woods what... every other horror movie ever has done for the woods.

Cub, directed by Jonas Govaerts, takes place at a summer Boy Scouts camp. When scout Sam tries to tell his friends that there is a monster in the woods, they don't believe him. Except it appears that Sam is right. Exactly what kind of monster the troupe takes on isn't clear, but it's definitely creepy.

So far, it looks like Cub has all the hallmarks of an effective horror film: the woods, darkness, kids who may or may not be evil (though aren't most kids a little evil?), and a really awful mask-like-thing.

Seriously... what is that?

Will you see Cub when it comes to theaters/VOD?