The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Cropsey to Haunt Theaters Once Again!

Honey Buzz ~ Cropsey to Haunt Theaters Once Again!

The name "Cropsey" has always been synonymous with that generic boogeyman who terrorizes cities all across the world. In some cases, he has taken a very specific form, as was outlined in the documentary film of the same name. In other cases, he has been turned into the psychotic slashing villain of a horror film, like The Burning. But one thing has always been clear: Cropsey is not a fella you want to meet in a dark alley at night.

And now, it looks like old Cropsey is returning to theaters to scares kids out of talking to strangers once again...

From Peter Facinelli and Rob DeFranco's A7SLE films, comes news that a new film featuring the Cropsey Maniac is in the scripting phase. According to Deadline, Adam Robitel (The Taking of Deborah Logan) has been tapped to write the script for the latest imagining of the classic campfire tale. While story details are being kept hush hush, we can't help but wonder whether this film will go the original slasher route or take its inspiration from the Staten Island Cropsey Case.

We will keep you in the loop with any further details!