The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Blumhouse takes the Son of Sam to TV

Honey Buzz ~ Blumhouse takes the Son of Sam to TV

Filed under "REALLY? Do we HAVE to?" Blumhouse while riding high on it's Emmy wins for A Normal Heart, is taking on another New York period piece based on a true story — a miniseries for the Son of Sam. The six-hour miniseries will be written by Steven Katz (The Knick, From the Earth to the Moon), and will juxtapose David Richard Berkowitz’s murder confession of Satan worship and human sacrifice with the actual police investigation of December 1975-1977.  So, that means we'll be seeing a nice mix of crazy, some interesting interpretations of Satanic ritual and symbolism, and some good old fashioned 70s, rough and tough, New York police work. Sigh.

For almost two years, the self-proclaimed Son of Sam terrorized New York City, killing six people while eluding a massive manhunt and taunting the police with brazen letters. The spree finally came to an end in August 1977 when Berkowitz was arrested and confessed to the crimes claiming he was possessed by demons. In the 1990s, while serving six life sentences, he recanted part of his original confession, insisting that he was part of of a Satanic cult with fellow members carrying out some of the killings, but those claims were never substantiated.

Two decent films have been made on the case, my favorite is a great role for John Leguizamo in Summer of Sam.

Does this need to be made? Probably not, but hey, if Lifetime can do an Omen TV series about a middle aged Antichrist, why can't Fox get in on the horror TV popularity bandwagon with a true crime based drama? I don't know anymore. 

(Source: Deadline)