The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Ash in SPACE!

Honey Buzz ~ Ash in SPACE!

Before you freak out like I did, this Honey Buzz isn't about the pending TV show, or the Evil Dead sequel, prequel or a reboot that we haven't heard about's a comic book!

Ashley Williams joins Jason, the Cenobites, Dracula and Leprechaun on the list of horror icons who've been dragged into the blackness of space to continue their fight to keep their sequels alive. Thankfully, these comic panels make Ash's journey into space look like a stylish one as Ash's war against the Deadites takes him to the International Space Station.

"Ash is kind of the ultimate screwball knucklehead, and he really has no business being the 'Chosen One' in the battle against ultimate darkness," said Bunn. "That's what makes him such a compelling underdog. With this new series, we're taking the 'fish out of water' storyline to the next level, because not only is Ash fighting the Deadites, he's doing so in the depths of space."
Writer Cullen Bunn will join Army of Darkness' longtime artist Larry Watts to tell Ashley's story in space. God, it even feels ridiculous to type it. 

Army of Darkness #1 will be released in December.

(Source: Digital Spy)