The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz: Are you a Walking Dead Fan AND a Pinball Wizard?

Honey Buzz: Are you a Walking Dead Fan AND a Pinball Wizard?

Do you remember those glorious days in the 80s when your love of horror films and your love of a good game of pinball could intersect on a daily basis? No? Neither do I. I was just a wee Honey in the 80s. But thanks to Stern Pinball, those of us who missed out on the awesomeness of horror-themed pin-balling may get a second chance! And what better way to enter that world than through Cell Block C?

Available now from Stern, The Walking Dead-themed pinball game allows game-players to fight zombies alongside Rick, offering a series of different missions and varied game play. This exceptionally-detailed product comes in two different designs: the pro model and the limited edition model. From the Stern press release:
"The Limited Edition (LE) version of the game offers unique special effects such as a fish tank with illuminated sculpted zombie heads and a motorized crossbow assembly that allows players to launch the ball anywhere in the game. The LE mirrored back glass with exclusive art adds to the dynamic pinball experience."

If you want to own this ultimate TWD collectible, better start saving your pennies now! While the pro model is a TOTALLY affordable $5,995, the Limited Edition model goes for a slightly more hefty $8,995. Though, there is no question that if you are a ultra-mega-super Daryl fan, you are going to want the opportunity to fire some silver balls with your very own pinball crossbow.
What do you think, Walker-fans? Is this the must-have Walking Dead accessory? Let me know if this piece of TWD memorabilia will be a part of your home! ~ Linnie