The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz: 'American Psycho' Musical in America? WHAT IS HAPPENING??

Honey Buzz: 'American Psycho' Musical in America? WHAT IS HAPPENING??


Late Friday afternoon, Second Stage Theater, the premiere off-Broadway showcase in NYC, announced that they would no longer be home to American Psycho: The Musical when it moved stateside from it's London run earlier this year. While I am sure there were plenty who were thrilled at this news, I was actually bummed. First, I am always interested to see what a lyricist is going to do with a horror movie and second, the pomp and 80s circumstance of Bret Easton Ellis's novel is kind of taylor made for the stage.

But now... the Great White Way Rumor Mill is buzzing with the news that American Psycho's jazz-hands debut may be happening after all: just not the way we thought.

Annnnd, sploosh.
According to Deadline, it looks Second Stage may not have actually made the decision themselves to cancel their production of American Psycho... because the producers are skipping an off-Broadway run and taking that sucker RIGHT TO BROADWAY, BABY! It's not at all unusual for a musical to jump right to a major theater, but what IS unusual is for a very-fringe piece like this to take a chance on filling that many seats right away. Sometimes, it can work (Spring Awakening) and sometimes, it's an epic bomb (Lestat... yikes). So only time will tell which side of the spectrum American Psycho will fall on.

No definitive word yet on casting, but Broadway Buzz says Benjamin Walker (Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) is the top candidate to take over for Matt Smith, who played the role of Patrick Bateman in the UK. IF American Psycho is making the move to Broadway, you should probably expect an opening date sometime in the spring.

So what do YOU think? Are you on board for a musical version of American Psycho?