The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ AHS Freakshow's FREAKY New Poster

Honey Buzz ~ AHS Freakshow's FREAKY New Poster

It's NO secret that Horror Honey HQ is literally buzzing in anticipation of the Season 4 premiere of American Horror Story. We love the concept, the time period, the teasers, the cast...except maybe the clown, we might not all love the clown...yet.

With October 8th rapidly approaching, teasers, posters and trailers have been showing up everywhere, and FAR from overwhelming and boring us with the numbers, they're totally having the opposite effect.

Today's freaky new poster reveal traumatized the Supernatural Honey, but I think it's fucking SEXY. 

What do you think?

Some other posters art to wet your ringmasters whistle - it's getting hard to tell whether these are fan made or official - but personally, I don't care. Is it October yet?