The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Afterlife with Archie goes mainstream!

Honey Buzz ~ Afterlife with Archie goes mainstream!

There's nothing the Honey's enjoy more than ruining childhood memories and if you haven't seen the zombie comic series Afterlife with Archie by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla, then look out! This zombie comic is getting a mainstream release and will spread onto newsstands with a new magazine launching next month.

Afterlife with Archie answers the unasked question about what would happen if  a well-meaning, but very unfortunate, magical spell by Sabrina the Teenage Witch brings the undead to Riverdale and turns your favorite eternal teens into the flesh eating undead!

Each issue of the 48-page Afterlife with Archie Magazine will reprint the main story from an issue of the Afterlife comic, accompanied by all-new special features and will retail for $4.99, with the first issue available on newsstands in early October, with comic store distribution available October 22.

Afterlife with Archie Magazine marks the first time the "new" Archie Comics has been marketed to mainstream audiences. Are we stoked? Fuck yes we're stoked. 

(Source: THR)