The Horror Honeys: Haunted Bookclub ~ 'Video Night'

Haunted Bookclub ~ 'Video Night'

Hardcover Honey's Book of the Week!

Everybody loves a quickie from time to time, so this week I hope you’ll forgive your Hardcover Honey for knocking out a short review between appointments!  In no way should you consider this a judgment of this week’s book, the ridiculously entertaining “Video Night” by Adam Cesare.

My love for short timeline books and 90 minute movies has been well established and “Video Night” definitely qualifies!  The story of teenage geek Billy Rile and his fuckup best friend Tom Mathers, with a special appearance by the hot big-breasted neighbor and love interest Rachel Kreiger, “Video Night” has a classic 80’s horror movie set up as the parents are away for the weekend and Billy and Tom seek to liven up their usual Friday night horror movie viewing by hosting Tom’s slutty girlfriend Darcy and her good-girl friend Rachel, a neighbor of Billy’s who he has been nursing a crush on for years.  

Although Darcy isn’t explicitly described as a mall-hair moll in a jean jacket, I was picturing it that way the whole time – did I mention that the book is set in the 80’s?  This works well as the absence of the Internet definitely lends a more believable vibe to the idea that people don’t notice their friends and neighbors being slowly replaced by alien insects who wear their host bodies with aplomb and are able to, for the most part, squash the objections of their human hosts quickly and efficiently.

Author Adam Cesare
When Rachel’s older sister Rhonda is one of the first human hosts turned, she almost immediately takes on sidekicks in the form of a local cop (Lt. Todd Darl, a memorable character who tries his best to retain control of his infected body) and a local special ed student, Terry, whose transformation comes with an additional set of challenges.

The set up is simple and beautiful – alien invasion, teens in a house – but what Cesare does with it is a thing of beauty.  The dialogue rang true, the action scenes were terrific, and his love of old-school campy horror films came through on nearly every page.  

Back when your Hardcover Honey was just a junior high school honey, my favorite pastime every weekend was getting together with a group of friends and watching horror movies – Vamp, Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 – you know, the classics.  The highest compliment I can give “Video Night” is that it recreated that feeling for me and for the two days it took me to read it, I felt like a kid again. 

Four out of five creepy alien appendages for this fun tale!