The Horror Honeys: Hardcover Thursday Jam - 'Cassandra'

Hardcover Thursday Jam - 'Cassandra'

Sorry Cassandra I misunderstood
Now the last day is dawning
Some of us wanted but none of us could
Listen to words of warning
But on the darkest of nights
Nobody knew how to fight
And we were caught in our sleep
Sorry Cassandra I didn't believe
You really had the power
I only saw it as dreams you would weave
Until the final hour

When you think about epic poems, history, Homer, and the ten-year siege of Troy, ABBA probably isn't the first thing that springs to mind as a companion element. But, believe it or not, the Swedish pop group actually wrote about history with some frequency. Their song "Waterloo" was, obviously, connected to Napoleon and the Battle of Waterloo, even if it was through a love story. And this week's Honey Jam, "Cassandra," focused on the torment of Homeric prophet Cassandra and the pain she suffered when no one believed her visions predicting Troy's eventual collapse. Again... ABBA. I won't pretend I'm a fan of the pseudo-disco beats, cheesy lyrics, or that gods-awful Mamma Mia musical, but I DO appreciate any band that can sneak a history lesson into a top 40 hit. Good on ya, you kooky Swedes.