The Horror Honeys: Gotham ~ Season 1, Episode 2: Selina Kyle

Gotham ~ Season 1, Episode 2: Selina Kyle

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

After an outstanding pilot performance, I was super keyed up to see the second episode of Gotham. After all of my gushing about Ben McKenzie and his fantastic acting, he goes and plays it a little too tough this week. In fact, just about everyone had either a few or one too many grandiose acting moments. This is not a compliment. Sure, sure, this is a show based on a world that exists in comic books, so I suppose a little bit of overacting is to be expected and forgiven. For now.

Alright, so this is the episode that introduces us to Miss Selina Kyle, Cat, if you're sassy. She's sitting around being a cool street kid when two volunteers show up to provide some food to Cat and her friends; of course, these two adults are not to be trusted. Lilli Taylor is always a welcome addition as well as Mr. Frank Whaley, despite the fact that they're playing child abductors. Patty (Taylor) was annoying from the word, "go", but Patty's usually are. I found it clever, yet annoying, that they used chocolate to lure the larger street child towards them. Then, back at the police station, Bullock went and referred to this boy as "lardass." Apparently all diversity, except enjoying candy, is accepted in Gotham. Yeah, so Patty and her henchman are collecting children to ship off to the Trident corporation. (Insert music that clues us into a potential new character. Depending on your outlook towards the show, you were either excited by this development or irritated.)

Oh, Oswald!
Can we talk about Oswald Cobblepot? Oswald is just the bee's knees. I absolutely adore, adore, adore that he speaks so properly with a bit of antiquity mixed in, but he'll still cut a bitch. His speech is so proper that his ransom phone call simply does not go as he had hoped. Well, he does sound strangely nice when he speaks of poking the kid's eyes out and then he goes and refers to him as a scamp. Oh, Oswald Cobblepot, I may be falling in love with you. And Carol Kane as his mother was simply inspired casting. She really did look like an older version of her character in Scroog'd, which would be quite the feat of life, death and time, but she was still absolutely perfect.

Where's Bill Murray?
Fish didn't do much this week besides chew the scenery with that fierce wig of hers. Fish may have been the number one offender of overacting this week. Gold star for you Mrs. Pinkett Smith!

Gold dress, gold star.
So, we've got ourselves a crooked Mayor. That's cool. It would be hard to keep things interesting if everyone in power was on the up and up. 

Selina Kyle promises to be quite the little firecracker, but I do hope she keeps that annoying teen attitude at a minimum; it's unbecoming. Also, I would love to enroll in her "go for the eyes" tutorial; she didn't just scratch that guy's eyes, she obliterated them. Obviously, we will all be spending the week waiting to see how she's going to describe seeing the Wayne's killer. Dude was wearing a mask. How did she see him "clear as day"?

A little too much hamming it up from a lot of our otherwise reliable actors, a rather silly street child abduction story, the usual hero moment for Gordon and Bullock, a heart to heart between young. Mr. Wayne and Gordon and an especially wonderful turn from our future Penguin. Much like it's primetime companion, Sleepy Hollow, Gotham's second episode was a bit of a disappointment after the awesomeness that we were shown last week, but it's only the second episode; I shall remain patient and optimistic.