The Horror Honeys: Get Ready for 'Sleepy Hollow' with the Horror TV Honey!

Get Ready for 'Sleepy Hollow' with the Horror TV Honey!

A Horror TV Honey Season Recap by Lisa

Hello fellow Sleepy Heads! We are less than a week away from the season 2 premiere of Sleepy Hollow and you need to ask yourself one question: do you remember everything that happened in the first season? Sleepy Hollow is a show overflowing with its own mythology and it can be easy to forget some important plot points. In anticipation of the September 22 premiere, let's recap the first 13 episodes, shall we?

Hot tip: if you have not yet visited the world of Sleepy Hollow, you can binge watch season one on Hulu Plus.

Episode 1: "Pilot"

First of all, who knew Ichabod Crane was such a hottie? Secondly, how come we never knew what a clever comedian he was? Crane wakes up in 2013 and the Headless Horseman is running rampant in Sleepy Hollow. Like any good pilot episode, we are introduced to all of our major players; Ichabod, Lieutenant Abbie  Mills, August Corbin, Frank Irving, and Andy Brooks. Although Ichabod looks and sounds like a certified wackadoo, Abbie is inclined to believe his time travel story and the two of them team up only to learn that the Headless Horseman is actually Death, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Episode 2: "Blood Moon"

As Abbie and Ichabod search through the secret Sleepy Hollow information that Corbin had collected before his death, Andy Brooks is reanimated (because he was killed in the pilot) and commanded to help resurrect a witch; Serlida of Abbadon. Before Serlida can complete her own resurrection, she is blown up by Ichabod and Abbie. Abbie also has a vision of Corbin where he tells her not to fear 49. What's 49? It's the room number at the mental hospital where Abbie's sister, Jennie, resides.

Episode 3: "For the Triumph of Evil"

A psychoanalyst who worked with the Mills sisters commits suicide and then others follow suit. Well guess what? The Sandman, a Mohawk dream spirit, is the one causing these deaths by using people's guilt against them. When you enter the dream world of the Sandman, you are able to confront and atone for past guilts, but then you die. Also, Abbie finds out that her sister has escaped from the hospital

Episode 4: "The Lesser Key of Solomon"

Abbie and Ichabod are on the hunt for Jenny and they find her at a cabin that Corbin had. Turns out Corbin used to have Jenny track down rare and magical objects. One such object, a sextant, reveals the hidden location of The Lesser Key of Solomon on an old Sleepy Hollow map. What is this key? It's actually a book that opens a doorway to the seventh circle of Hell. This is when we meet the Hessians; a secret group aligned with the Headless Horseman. Thankfully, Abbie destroys the book and also learns the name of the demon they are facing;Moloch. 

Episode 5: "John Doe"

A sick, young boy is found alone in the woods and immediately put under CDC quarantine. This young man only speaks Middle English and claims to be from Roanoke. Roanoke is a lost Colony from the 16th century, so, where did the kid come from? A portal to a hidden village where everyone is suffering from the same illness. The Horseman, Pestilence, has released the boy into the present in hopes of spreading the disease. Of course Ichabod and Abbie don't let that happen and everyone in the 16th century stays where they are and everyone is cured.

Episode 6: "The Sin Eater"

O.K. the Horseman returns, Ichabod is kidnapped by Freemasons and Abbie and Jenny track down a Sin Eater. The Freemasons ask Ichabod to take a poison that will kill both him and the Horseman. Why? Because the two are joined by blood via some witchy stuff earlier on. Enter Henry Parish, the Sin Eater, who can help free Ichabod from his ties to the Horseman. Then, they all wait for the Horseman to return.

Episode 7: "The Midnight Ride"

The Horseman has beheaded all of the Freemasons and Abbie and Ichabod are trying to find the Horseman's skull before he does in hope of destroying it. They need to destroy the skull so the remaining three Horsemen can't rise and start the apocalypse. Ichabod finds the skull and uses it to lure the Horseman and trap him.

Are you still with me?

Episode 8: "Necromancer"

With the help of Andy (remember him?) Ichabod and Abbie interrogate the Headless Horseman. Through this interrogation, we learn that the Horseman is Abraham. Abraham is the former fiancé of Katrina (Ichabod's wife) and Ichabod's friend. (Well, not after Ichabod stole Katrina from him.) He was then killed by Hessians and turned into the Headless Horseman by Moloch. Officer Brooks, under the control of Moloch, sneaks a druidic relic into the chamber where the Horseman is being held and this allows Moloch's minions to be summoned and released.

Episode 9: "Sanctuary"

Ichabod and Abbie investigate Lena Gilbert, the missing daughter of a wealthy mining magnate. She goes missing while at her family's country house; a house that just so happens to have a protective spell upon it and Katrina was the last person to be sheltered here. Basically, Ichabod and Abbie learn why their fates are entwined and Abbey has a vision of Katrina giving birth to a baby boy. Yup, Ichabod is a father and he doesn't even know it!

Episode 10: "The Golem"

Henry Parish returns to help Ichabod learn more about his son. We learn that Jeremy, Ichabod's son, conjured a Golem to protect him while growing up and now that Golem is going around murdering people. Henry also sends Ichabod to purgatory so he can chat with Katrina about all of this malarky.

Episode 11: "The Vessel"

Jenny becomes possessed, again, by a demon by the name of Ancitef. Ancitif is a minion of Moloch's who has the ability to jump from body to body via touch. He has returned to Sleepy Hollow to let Captain Irving know that he must deliver George Washington's Bible or great harm will come to his daughter.

Episodes 12 and 13: "The Indispensable Man" and "Bad Blood"

So, the finale was a two-parter. Abbie and Ichabod learn that a map of purgatory is buried with George Washington's body. They ask Henry to help locate Washington's burial site so they can get the map. Inside of Washington's tomb, Andy shows up and attacks Ichabod, Abbie and Henry because he's been turned into a demon by Moloch. Our three heroes manage to escape the tomb and Abbie tells Ichabod to burn the map.

OK. Ichabod and Abbie go to purgatory where they are initially separated. They are looking for Katrina only to learn that she can only leave purgatory if someone takes her place. Abbie agrees to stay in purgatory so Katrina can leave with Ichabod; the two then travel to the four white trees where they hope to stop the arrival of the Horseman of War. Henry is there waiting for them so he can do the big reveal... Henry is actually Jeremy! He is Ichabod and Katrina's son and he was resurrected by Moloch 13 years ago! Wait. It get's better. He is also the Horseman of War! Henry allows the Horseman of Death to come and take Katrina while he traps Ichabod in a casket and Abbie remains trapped in purgatory.

You got all of that? Good. 
I'll see you Monday, September 22 @ 9 p.m.!