The Horror Honeys: Friday Favorites - Anthology Films!

Friday Favorites - Anthology Films!

What could possibly be more awesome than a great horror movie? How about a horror movie made up of MULTIPLE fantastic mini-movies? The anthology horror film has been a staple of the genre for decades, and while there have been more than a few bombs, some of them have become absolute classics. From originals like Dead of Night (1945) to new classics like Three... Extremes (2004), horror anthologies quickly become fan favorites because they usually have a little bit of something for everyone. This week, the Honeys share their all-time favorite horror anthology films with you! Do YOU have a favorite? Do you share a favorite with a Honey? Let us know on Twitter, using #horroranthology!

Head Honey Kat - Creepshow

Revenge Honey Linnie - The Theatre Bizarre

Sci-Fi Honey 2.0 Katie - Twilight Zone: The Movie

Hardcover Honey Jocelyn - Trick 'R Treat

Gamer Honey Kaley - Trilogy of Terror

Supernatural Honey Suzanne - The House that Dripped Blood

Horror TV Honey Lisa - Tales from the Dark Side