The Horror Honeys: Fan Art Shows True Horror Devotion

Fan Art Shows True Horror Devotion

A Revenge Honey Retrospective

If you've ever spent a ton of time looking the posters designed for the plethora of film releases every year, one simple truth becomes clear; for every poster designed by a studio artist, there are a hundred more designed by fans that are significantly more interesting. You know what I'm talking about... How many movie posters are up in the local cineplex that feature a steely jawed hero looking off into the middle distance while an air-brushed ingenue duck-faces behind them, both surrounded by either shit exploding, shit freezing, or shit flying. It's boring, it's lame, and worst of all, it's been done a million times.

That is why when it comes to posters, especially in the genre of horror, I always look to fan-created art for something fun.  Some films inspire a plethora of fan art, like The Shining or Seven, while other less known films, like Gaspar NoĆ©'s Irreversible will introduce you to a piece of art that gives you the shivers. Thus, I've collected some of my favorite pieces of fan-created horror film posters, which will in turn hopefully inspire you to find some of your own! And definitely check out more of the artist's work, because some of them have whole amazing galleries of art that will blow your mind.

Do you have a favorite fan-made horror poster? Or do you make your own? Let me know on Twitter! I'd love to see!

Artist: Rodolfo:

Artist: Oscar Delmar

Psycho/Bates Motel
Artist: CreativeSpark

American Psycho
Artist: Dan Sherratt

The Shining
If anyone has a lead on this artist, let me know!
I love it, but can't find where it originated...

Artist:  Photo Booth Gallery:

Artist:  Quagmire of the Antler People:

Artist:  Alain Bossuyt

The Exorcist
Artist: SamRAW08

Artist: Viktor Hertz

An American Werewolf in London
Artist:  SamRAW08

The Omen
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Artist: SamRAW08

A Nightmare on Elm Street
Artist: SamRAW08