The Horror Honeys: Beware the Deadly Bees!

Beware the Deadly Bees!

A Honey Month Classic Review by The Horror TV Honey - Lisa

The Deadly Bees (1966)

We've got a fierce silver wig long before Meryl Streep ever heard of Anna Wintour, bouffant sixties hair that doesn't move, epic winged eyeliner, some seriously groovy musical performances and a crazed man who is threatening to release killer bees if his demands are not met. All of this in the first five minutes of The Deadly Bees!

Vicki Robbins (she of the fantastic silver wig) is a pop star who is simply exhausted. To relieve this malady, she is sent to stay on a farm for some relaxation. Hope she isn't allergic to bees because that is what is being harvested on this farm; deadly bees.

As the tagline says, these bees are excited by the smell of fear. Even though Vicki has been warned to stay away from certain people and certain areas on the farm, she just can't seem to help herself. Between her and the overly curious dog, these bees are getting cranky. Real cranky. Bzzzz, bzzzzz.....what is that noise? Oh no! It's the deadly bees and they are doing a real piss poor job of looking scary. They take up your screen with a vibrant gold color and randomly fly around our poor dog's head. If it weren't for that ominous music, I wouldn't know that they were getting ready to kill that dog. 

Our resident beekeeper has been doing some research and these deadly bees are twice as large as an ordinary bee and they have an impressive stinger. He claims that these large bees were sent to attack his hive of ordinary bees. Well, Vicki says that they best leave the island if this is true. Oh Vicki, this is a horror movie, you can't leave the island until next week. Uh, duh.

Seemingly filmed on the same quaint island (movie set) that every other horror film from the late 60's and early 70's was filmed on, The Deadly Bees unfolds pretty much the way you expect it to. Characters are taken out one by one in a swarm of bees while all of the men folk talk a lot about their current predicament. Our popstar and the bee keeper talk though all of the possible causes and solutions and decide that the Death's Head moth (paging Buffalo Bill) can hypnotize bees and, oh, I don't know, something about the smell of fear being put on everyone and as you know, these bees are attracted to the smell of fear.....whatever gets Vicki into her unmentionables so we can be reminded that ladies bras were quite a bit different in the sixties and A LADY ALWAYS WEARS A SLIP. Seriously girls, please wear a slip under your skirts and dresses.

Basically, this movie is really cool looking because most things from 1966 were very cool and this is its greatest strength. No suspense or terror or even some unintended humor to be found here. Nope. Just some really beautiful ladies, some well spoken, well dressed, men and some killer bees.