The Horror Honeys: Wilderness, Magic, and Starvation... OH MY!

Wilderness, Magic, and Starvation... OH MY!

A Gamer Honey Review of Don't Starve by Kaley

One thing I've really enjoyed about moving to British Columbia is the incredibly large collection of talent. I've lived in a lot of places that were filled with melting pots of skill, but B.C. Seems to really take the cake. Klei Entertainment is a prime example that feels my heart with creeptastic art and music. Their game Don't Starve encompasses everything I love in the gothic and macabre world.

In Don't Starve you start as a scientist named Wilson; lost in a dark and lifeless world you must fight for survival. Wilson must fashion many makeshift weapons and invent many items to aide in surviving the night; because when darkness falls, the darkness could very well be the one feasting.

Don't Starve has an interesting day/night cycle; where in the day time you must forage and gather supplies, and at night you must ward of creatures with light and fire. Sleeping, I found, wasn't very helpful as I always awoke to the growling sounds of Wilson's stomach and an inventory that couldn't sate it.

When I first started the game my first thought was “oh, so it's sort of like Minecraft.” Oh how I could not have been more wrong! While you do have to create items from recipes that you have to learn, I find this game has a lot to offer that is completely different. From cave diving to giant turkey hunting, Don't Starve is an odd assortment of adventuring. The dreary atmosphere kept me curious for quite awhile and the interest in wanting to know my score kept me playing after every frustrating death.

One thing I can't say I really enjoyed was what seemed like a sudden difficulty spike. One moment I'm enjoying an full belly and inventory and in the the next I'm fleeing from beasts that are relentless and run me down to the point of starvation. However this could have also just been a learning curve as these sort of games aren't really my forte. This complaint is also incredibly minor when you compare it to all the positive aspects of this game.

From the chilling animations to the haunting music I give the art style of this game all the love my little beating heart can give. Klei Entertainment made a game that truly encompasses everything my grim soul enjoys; and I can't wait for more news of Don't Starve Together.