The Horror Honeys: What a Set of Jugs!

What a Set of Jugs!

A Supernatural Honey Review by Suzanne

Jug Face (2013)

I rarely pay much attention to Netflix “recommendations” because what they think I should watch seems to have no similarities to anything I’ve watched previously and rated highly. Jug Face kept popping up and I liked that the title was so simple and stupid. I was also intrigued because it starred Larry Fessenden and Sean Young. Ultimately, I surrendered.

In a backwoods moonshining community, whose actual location is never really identified, the residents worship “the pit” and offer it a sacrifice whenever it is deemed necessary. The sacrifice is identified in a vision to the local simpleton, Dawai. He creates a jug with the face of the intended sacrifice and presents it to the rest of the community. That person is then bled into the pit in a 5 minute ceremony.

Mine. This is MY jug.
Dawai only has one real friend, as the local simpleton often does, Ada, who discovers the most recent jug made has her face. Panicked and not wanting to die, she steals the jug and hides it. Then the shit really hits the pit. Ada’s parents (Fessenden and Young) have signed a contract to have her joined with a boy from another family, Bodey. The problem is, Ada is pregnant by and in love with someone else… wait for it… her BROTHER! While this may seem typical for for mountain folk, here incest is frowned upon and virtue is necessary for a proper joining. These are not your average hillbillies.

Hillbillies: Keeping it in the family since... forever.

Unfortunately, Ada's stolen jug sets of a chain reaction and the pit takes its revenge on her family and neighbors. Ada attempts to run away, but is dragged back to the village to face her fate. 

I was surprisingly captivated during the opening credits. The story was essentially acted out in these simple, yet barbaric chalk animations. They were beautiful and a little disturbing. Unfortunately, that's where the captivation ended.

Um, mom. I haven't even gone this far with my brother.
The only thing truly terrifying in this movie was Sean Young. I mean that in all seriousness. She is controlling, angry and abusive. When the discussion of Ada's virtue comes up, she drags Ada into the bathroom and essentially, digitally violates her to check if she's been with anyone. Ada has, of course, and has to try and convince her mother that it happened as a result of masturbation.

The story was the real problem here. It had bigger plot holes than the pit. There isn't any sort of explanation as to how the pit came to be, why they worship it or what the sacrifices are all about. Truth be told, it was really more of a mud hole than a pit and whatever lived in the pit was never seen. There was a ghostly boy who showed up several times to shame Ada about hiding her jug, but honestly, I don't know what that was about.

Usually, when I watch a movie like this, it just makes me angry, but oddly enough, I didn't hate it. This may be, despite its low budget and story issues, one of the more unique supernatural horror movies I've seen in recent years. Still, I'd rather watch Deliverance if I need a fix of the hillbilly lifestyle. 

Supernatural Honey verdict: 2 face jugs of moonshine out of 5