The Horror Honeys: True Blood Episode Recap ~ Season 7, Ep. 9 "Love is to Die"

True Blood Episode Recap ~ Season 7, Ep. 9 "Love is to Die"

A Horror TV Honey Review by Lisa

It was a gigantic mistake on my part to assume that this episode of True Blood would be exciting rather than the boring, drawn out melodramatic mess that was presented. However, if we officially have all of the relationship malarky out of the way, then next week will, indeed, be epic. Right?

Sam's goodbye was a bit disrespectful considering how integral he has been to the show and it's numerous characters for seven seasons. First, Tara goes out like a punk and now Sam. Oh, but we have tons of time to spend on Jessica and Hoyt. Jason telling the story of Jessica and Hoyt to Bridget was so unnecessary that it felt lazy on the writers' part. We all know their story and we all know that they belong together. Bridget is no one and she doesn't deserve more time and more emotional closure than Sam Trammell.

Sookie, Sookie, Sookie....where to begin? Accusing Bill of selfishness when he has made the decision to meet his True Death was spectacularly immature, ugly, mean and selfish. Bill isn't committing suicide so much as he's checking in with Dr. Kevorkian and neither of those choices are for you to judge you silly, little, self involved fairy. Of course, Bill is ultimately making this choice for the benefit of Sookie, but it's his choice. Bitch please, Bill is old enough to know if he's done having to deal with all of this never ending drama. Frankly, I don't blame Bill for being dead tired of living his life.

Watching Pam turn Sarah back into a blonde was hilarious. Adore the idea of Pam turning Sarah Newlin into a show-pony blood whore! Pam is always thinking of clever ways to improve the situation that her and Eric find themselves in so, it was quite a disappointment to watch Eric actually hesitate over whether or not he was going to give up Sookie in order to save Pam's life. Pam searched the globe for you and you have to think about saving her life?

Mazel Tov to Ginger finally getting her deepest wish granted. Can you imagine how impossibly divine it would feel to have Eric Northman say to you, "I would like to make it up to you by fucking you." Dare to dream. The humor was appreciated, but it was also too bad that it was so brief. At least Ginger was satisfied.

Let's see, what else happened in this episode? Oh yeah, nothing. Wow, was this a monumental waste of 60 minutes. Bringing all of these characters that we've spent seven years with their happy endings is understandable and appreciated, but at times, it feels as though too much time is being given to emotional closure due to lack of an actual plot line. With one episode left, the idea of a satisfying conclusion to the series is starting to look less and less plausible.