The Horror Honeys: This is Not Sinatra's Rat Pack

This is Not Sinatra's Rat Pack

A Supernatural Honey Review by Suzanne

Deadly Eyes (1982)

As a former resident of NYC, I'm accustomed to seeing rats, lots of rats, and big ones to boot. Never a day goes by that you won't come across one in the subway or on the garbage piled streets. Sometimes, if you're in a park at night, you can hear them scurrying through the bushes. Aside from the idea of how creepy they are, especially in packs, they generally keep to themselves.

Toronto was not so lucky in 1982 when giant rats, created by eating steroid contaminated corn, start eating its residents. A college basketball coach and a health inspector, with a house full of puppets (seriously), team up to solve the series of attacks. 

I wish I could make this shit up!
There is also a subplot involving a few college students, one of whom tries to seduce the coach on several occasions. While nothing would make this film a masterpiece, this addition of characters and storyline is where the movie really falls down. It's essentially time wasted since the characters bring nothing to the story. None of them are sympathetic. Fortunately, the rats take care of them in short order.

I call this one, Bitey.
Let's talk about the rats for a minute because they're the real stars here. While puppets were used for some of the really close shots, the majority of the action was shot with dachshunds in rat costumes. Yes. Dachshunds. Wiener dogs. And yes, it was kind of obvious, but it was also the kind of thing that puts a smile on your face. However, because dogs don't squeak, sound effects must be used. Now, as many rats as I've seen in my lifetime, none of them sounded like jungle cats. I guess that's what steroids do to rodent vocal chords.

Death is expected and, in a lot of cases, welcome. The death scenes are nothing new, nor are they anything special, but it's kind of refreshing that not even babies are safe. 

You will get excited once you discover Scatman Crothers is in this, but your happiness will be short lived.  

This is a movie full of bad acting, horrible special effects and very little plot. Still, you know me well enough by now to know I have a bit of a soft spot for this type of film. Even with the plethora of problems, it's solid, cheesy fun and worth a watch.

I'd like to give thanks, as I frequently do, to Scream Factory. They are the masters at bringing these forgotten gems back to life. 

Supernatural Honey verdict: 2.5 boxes of rat poison out of 5