The Horror Honeys: The Strain ~ Season 1, Episode 6 "Occultation"

The Strain ~ Season 1, Episode 6 "Occultation"

A Horror TV Honey Review by Lisa

As the action ramps up and the eclipse is imminent, The Strain just keeps getting better. The eclipse is a curious plot device in the sense that people thinking an eclipse equals the apocalypse is not a common belief. (At least it's not in my neck of the woods.) It's a belief we're going to have to go for, though, if we want to stay invested in the anarchy that is unfolding. Did The Master plan his arrival around the eclipse? I can see how lack of sunlight during the day would mean extra time for the vampires to infect the public, but it doesn't look as though they got much accomplished outside of the medical examiner running amok.

Eph running from the FBI is mildly silly, so, while it was super unmanly for the boyfriend to let the authorities know of Eph's location, it was nice to see this come to an end. What is it that we don't know about Eph that leads his estranged wife to ask, "Eph, what the hell did you do?" when she sees him on the news rather than inquire about his safety? In fact, her and her boyfriend are getting really old. Where are the vampires when you need them?

The numerous mentions to the government and our implicit trust that they would be forthcoming regarding news of an outbreak became tedious. This show borrows heavily from it's predecessors; namely Fringe and The X-Files. The way the show looks, some of the character names and the way the story unfolds is very reminiscent of Fringe. The distrust vs. the trust of the government is so very X-Files, that I keep waiting for The Cigarette Smoking Man to appear. I suppose if a show is borrowing heavily from other shows it's a blessing that they have chosen excellent ones.

The use of the score during Abraham's scene in the basement was exceptionally clever and well done. Really loved how it sped up with his heartbeat. David Bradley is doing such a bang up job as Abraham and is such a super badass that I'm almost able to forgive him for the Red Wedding, but I'll never forget! Also, where does one obtain one of those cool nail guns?

Gus just can't seem to escape the clutches of the Nazi; especially after his mother is threatened, which brings me to a complaint. The few female characters that exist on this show are rather useless. They nag, complain, ask stupid questions, flirt like idiots and seem to be dependent upon men for their ultimate survival. Yawn. Surely, we can come up with one fierce lady that can help take on the vampires.

The exterminator is shaping up to be an interesting and complex character. I am truly looking forward to learning more about him and why he chose to become an exterminator rather than go to Cornell. He seems to be the only non CDC person who is willing to actually see what is going on around him.

As usual, it seems that coming to this series without reading the books puts a viewer at a certain disadvantage, but the increasing quality of episodes is promising and Guiellermo del Toro is known for spinning a great story. I will maintain faith that, in time, everything will be properly explained. Until then, the eclipse still seems a bit strange.