The Horror Honeys: The Strain ~ Season 1, Episode 5 "Runaways"

The Strain ~ Season 1, Episode 5 "Runaways"

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

Mine! Mine! Mine! Yup, Bolivar is behaving like the seagulls in Finding Nemo and I love it. This was a great start to a great episode. Regina King is definitely being under utilized, but I appreciate her doing a PSA on why wearing impossibly high heels is dangerous.

It took three episodes too long, but I am happy to listen to Abraham share his wisdom with Eph, Eph's hairpiece, and the rest of us. Seeing the flashbacks to Abraham's youth were insightful, heartbreaking and very well done. Abraham saw The Master with his own eyes and no one believed him. Poor Abraham has been fighting this most of his life; he really sums up the root cause of his pain by explaining that the virus causes people to return home and destroy the ones that we love the most. I can only assume that he is referring to the heart that he keeps in a jar.

A nail gun full of silver nails? Epic. Abraham is laying down the law and telling Eph that he is drafting him into his cause and he will release him if necessary. By simply agreeing and going along with Abraham's plan, Eph continues to demonstrate his intellect, practicality and all around bad ass disposition, which brings me to his behavior at Ansel's house. As Abraham busts out silver mirrors, his sword and the nail gun, Eph just goes along. No questions. Just action. I like it . I like it a lot. I feel this bodes well for the future progression of the show. Hopefully, this means more action, more vampires, more Abraham and more Badass Eph. To quote Abraham, "Inaction is the greatest evil." 

The exterminator is the only one who is willing to acknowledge the importance that rats do, indeed, have in our circle of life. Rats on the run mean only one thing; a bigger predator is in the area and this exterminator certainly seems tough enough to deal with the situation that is at hand. Watching him go underground and come face to face with a pack of the infected was awesome. It was a little reminiscent of The Descent and just as creepy. I am really looking forward to seeing more from this gentleman.

Side notes: 
  1. Anyone else have conflicting feelings towards the super religious woman committing suicide?
  2. Making toast is cooking, thank you very much. 
  3. I will go ahead and be the one to say that I find the blood letting procedure to be phallic. Especially when the cleaner was on his knees in front of Bolivar. Men just can't seem to not make things sexual.