The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ The Countdown Thing

Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ The Countdown Thing

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For this week's creepy cartoon, I want to show The Countdown Thing created by an animator from the UK known as Peephole Circus. The short is under 2 minutes and its about a game show that turns bad when the contestant reads a forbidden word.

Like animation, I always find that horror works best in short films, keeping the fear and tension in a tight package. The Countdown Thing is pretty apparent in its parody of John Carpenter's The Thing, however the animation in this short is brilliant and the art style is so cute (even the blood splatter is square shaped!)

The fact that Peephole Circus can create something ultra creepy in barely over 60 seconds is impressive.

 Check out his 5 Second Horror short films below:

Peephole Circus